Let me list all of the services I provide

Perhaps that will make it clear about what kind of developer you might be dealing with and what I can offer to make your enterprise's identity stronger!

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Web Design

Long story short, I will create tha appearance of your website. It will include the layout, the arrangement of images, colour scheme, font, etc.

This services comes in a few stages. The first one is actually putting the ideas on paper. Once I have the layout scheme, I can then actually paint it and make it visible with the help of a few computer programs. The design can then be sent to you for your approval, and if you like it, I carry on working towards making it functional!

UX (User Experience) Design

When the vision of the design is clear (and actually visible) I will then start planning the User Experience Design.

In this stage I will decide the interactivity between the website and the user. For example, if I come up with an idea that your navigation bar will appear only after scrolling through the page a little bit, I will have to plan how I will achieve this.

Web Development

At this stage, when the vision of the whole website is clear, I will then make it work by writing thousands of lines of code, that are basically rules for the internet browser how to render the website.

This is also where I ensure that your website loads quickly, is all technically tidy and displays well on all of the popular browsers people use now a days.

All of the website's functionality oriented elements like contact forms and booking systems are also programmed at this stage.

Responsive Design

Now a days, everyone has a smartphone, some of the people also have tablet computer to browse the internet. As the screen size gets smaller, the website content might not display as well as it does on a computer. This is where Responsive Design techniques come in handy.

This is usually the last stage before making the website public and uploading it on the server. I make sure that the website is being rendered well on many different devices by different brands and voila!, we are all up and ready to promote you!

Solutions like Email or Cloud

For a good enterprise image, it is important to have a branded email address, though comfortability using your new inbox is also very important. I will make sure to link your new email addresses with your favourite email applications.

Do you also need cloud storage? I will see what I can do about that. For sure I know that I am capable of implementing it on your server and making it branded for a better feel!