Let me try to make it as clear as possible

In this section I will answer some of the most asked questions by previous clients, which will hopefully help you understand the ins and outs of the Web Design field even more.

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The importance of Web Development explained

Now a days, there are many free service providers like Wix, that let you create your own website free of charge and have control over it.

It can be very effective for starting out individuals with limited budgets, or even small companies that don't find the importance of having a website to be significant. However, templates and presets limit your abilities to tweak elements to your liking, which raises these problems for people who prioritize online presence:

  • Colours of some elements cannot be changed without deeper knowledge, which results in unaesthetic design
  • Some of the layout limitations might make content look weird and unintentional
  • The service provider credentials are going to be visible on your website
  • Your domain name might have to include the name of the service provider too

Some providers offer a deeper customization of the listed limitations, however, these services cost money. The more you want to customize - the more money it is going to cost and when the wanted results will be achieved, your website is still going to be run on the service provider's engine, which will cause problems like slower loading times and other technical issues. Nevertheless, in the long term you will end up spending much more because of the monthly fees.

If you are serious about having a well functioning and good looking website, I do suggest hiring someone to do that from scratch to prevent all of the listed issues. I am always happy to have a chat about how the development process is going to be approached.

My work philosophy, style and ethics

No matter what craft, different people will always have different styles and unique approaches to getting the job done. There is no one person suitable for all kinds of work. Therefore, I decided to define the most exceptional style qualities of my productions in a short list, which will hopefully help you decide whether or not I am suitable for your project:

  • Clean and elegant
  • Expensive looking but friendly feeling
  • Straight to the point, without unnecessary elements

I also think that work ethics play an important role when choosing a person to work with. I've always had ground rules when working with clients and I never break them. The most important ones are listed below:

  • Always deliver the work on time if the deadline is specified
  • Always finish the work that has been started
  • Always take into account all the client's specific requirements
  • Do never hide any charges for unexpected surprises
  • Do not overcharge for work

To summarize, there is never a guarantee that you will get a product that is exactly what you were aiming for. However, when the client and developer understand each other and collaborate, you can get very, very close. This is what I tend to do, communicate with the people I work for, do research, hear out the thoughts of clients and do the best I can to make ideas come true.

Domain and Hosting explained

Very often these definitions are confusing for people who don't get to deal with websites much. For this reason, I decided to explain them, which might be useful when making important decisions.

  • Domain name - It is the address on which your website visitors can reach you, for example "brutenisjusaitis.com"
  • Hosting - It is the place containing your website files: content, images, tables and the whole website structure.

Where to buy a domain name and how to choose the right one

Domain names can be easily bought by anyone online, companies like GoDaddy or One offer an easy way to do that. All it takes is creating an account on their website and purchasing using your credit card details or PayPal account.

Now choosing the domain name can be a really creative task, especially when now a days many great and memorable names are taken. It is important to have in mind that domain names are always followed by extensions like ".com" or ".org". Some of the extensions explained:

  • ".com" - the most popular extension used by individuals, international, and local companies
  • ".org" - mostly used for community and non-commercial organizations
  • ".net" - a great alternative to ".com" if your domain name seems to be taken
  • ".co.uk", ".it", ".fr" - these extensions are country codes, great if your target demographic is local

Obviously, there are hundreds of other extensions that can be used and I would strongly suggest consider other options too. It is important to note that search engines like Google does not offer any benefits for any specific extensions and they are all equally well indexed. Therefore, consider having a look at the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) database which might help you come up with creative solutions.

And please, do not hesitate to contact me as I am able to help you regarding this question.

The importance of technical support explained

Many Web Development companies offer contracts for a certain period of time in which they are supposedly supervise your website and help prevent the following issues:

  • Technical failures
  • Hacker attacks
  • Server file backups

I do believe that clients should know, this is not necessary in most of the cases. Unless your website is a portal keeping personal information of your users, the regular support and supervision is not necessary, and there is no need to pay big fees for such service.

Also, unless Web Development companies host the websites of their clients on their own servers, they do not have much control over vulnerability. And most of the companies do not have their servers and instead they use third party hosting providers like GoDaddy or One (which I have mentioned under the previous question). Clients end up paying for this service three times more than it originally costs.

I do offer website supervision, like changing content and images, for a small fee. However, website backups and other matters can be taken care of directly by your hosting provider and if we work together, I will definitely introduce you to how these things work.

My friendship with SEO

When I build websites, I always have search engines in mind, meaning that I tend to structure the content in the way that is easily indexed by Google or Yahoo. These search engines have certain algorithms that rely on elements like headings, paragraphs and metadata (like page titles, keywords, etc). However, just because the website is SEO friendly, doesn't mean it is going to be popular and will bring visitors without moving a finger. This is where Online Marketing comes in handy

Unfortunately, I do not specialize in Online Marketing and do not provide services in this field. This can be done by you, using tools like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, or simply asking your clients to add a backlink to your website if they were satisfied by your products or services.

The third, and probably the most popular option is to hire a marketing professional or agency to do the job for you. It can be costly and the price might vary somewhere between £400 - £1000 per month, however, in some cases that can be a very good investment and sometimes results can pay-off.

My role as a Web Solution Provider explained

Pricisely speaking, I help companies and individuals build a successful online presence. That includes website design (the appearance and layout of your website) and adding content like images and text. I also work on UX (User Experience) design, which means that I ensure your website is not confusing to your visitors whilst the effects and animations look stylish and elegant. I also optimize websites to ensure fast loading times and technical smoothness.

I also help brands with the content, meaning that I write descriptions, come up with slogans and advise on how and where to place them. This especially comes in handy for people who are too busy to think of effective words for brand representation and don't have the budget to hire branding professionals. With all of my creative resources, I will consider this a part of the development and offer my help with no extra charges to a certain amount of work.

Unfortunately, I do not develop computer or mobile applications like POS, social networks, or e-commerce systems.

The prices in the Web Design and Development explained

The Web Design and Development services can be expensive. There are two main reasons why:

  • Building a website is a time and creative resource-consuming job
  • Education takes a long way before the skills can be used professionally

Also, it is worth mentioning that very often prices can be directly proportional to the experience of developer. That means that there are many less experienced developers providing the services cheaper. This option often works out for people with limited budget, though there always is a risk of ending up with a website full of technical mistakes, or slow loading times (and similar issues).

As a freelancer, I tend to estimate my prices by predicting how long the development is going to take and how much of my resources are going to be needed. I also take into account the budget and purpose of the project, which also might affect my service rating. Therefore, I encourage my clients to tell me more about the project expectations before I can evaluate how much my work is going to cost.

Me philosophizing on effective human resources

It is romanticized in the society for people to find their true calling and specialize in a certain area. Therefore, some people can be experts in the technical part of development and ignore the aesthetics and brand image (or the other way around). This isn't a problem for teaming-up professionals when each one is working on a specific area, but hiring the whole team of developers might not be a cost effective solution for smaller projects.

I consider myself a multipotentialite. I have a background in both, arts and technology and was always interested in different ways to connect these two practices. My sense for aesthetics and passionately gained knowledge in Web Development and its techniques will ensure a good looking, well written and technically stable online presence/solution.

It is one of the reasons why I became a freelancer in this field - I am a creative thinker as much as I am a developer, which means that I do not fit under only one of these areas. The definition of "Web Solution" does make sense only if you look at the project from many different perspectives.