It has been a hell of a journey, which I want to share

Early life, education, experience, arts and so on. It's good to know who you might be working with!

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Early life

It all started in the little country named Lithuania, where I was born. I got interested in building websites when I was about 6 years old once my cousin showed me how this craft works. And by the time I turned 7, I already knew how to build one myself. So I did!

To me, these experiments opened a portal to the world of technology and programming. Eversince I knew that I wanted to be a programmer. During my teenagehood, I've spent quite a few years in a weekend IT school, I've also been an active participator in the yearly IT contest organized by the council of the city I lived in. I took the third place three times, which at the time I was really proud of!

Discovery of music

My personality has always had a strong artistic side. Like every single rebellious teenager, I did rebel too, though rather than engaging in vandalism (like many of my peers did), I started playing musical instruments. And the last band I was active with, in 2011 was nominated to be one of the most promising Rock bands in Lithuania! We've won every single local band contest and even newspapers wrote about us. We've moved to London straight after graduating from high school!

London and University

London was a journey in itself. But long story short - I was still making and performing music, while actively engaging myself in Web Development and other technological activities. After a few years of wandering, it was time to study, which I really wanted to do and actually enjoyed doing. Though, many might think that I chose technological studies, which is not wrong, but I also wanted to connect my both passions together and I enrolled a Music Production course.

Nevertheless I graduated with the First-Class Honours, I got to compose, produce and record my musical passion project "Symphony of a Music Box", which you can actually listen on the website using the audio player!

Symphony of a Music Box

Symphony of a Music Box
Adagio for Clogs
Sharp Fiddle
Spinning Minor

My entrepreneural present

I am currently running an Audio Post-Production company called ORO Audio with which we actively design sounds and write music for various media. Also, my company practices Sonic Branding, this particular area is very much interconnectable with how I approach Web Development and I believe that having experience in these two fields bring many benefits to my workflow when working on brand image.

As Web Development is another passion of mine, I am taking it very seriously and actively learn new skills and techniques in this field. After having built websites for many different companies in the United Kingdom, I have already established a steady client base, which makes me keep up to date with the newest trends and technologies in Web Development.